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Developed for a healthy and enlightened life. Our wellness education program empowers everyone with the knowledge and skills necessary to take control of their health. The program focuses heavily on promoting self-care techniques and alternative therapies taken from ancient practices as well as the latest scientific research. By educating participants in simple health and wellness practices, we help create healthier and happier communities. Besides wellness education we offer many other amazing experiential classes for a minimal cost. Please see the Group Classes page for more information on classes available to residents and communities. If you would like more information please have your community management or activities coordinator contact us.  We will promptly assemble information and schedule a presentation in your community.
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring a Holistic Health and Wellness Education Program to people in need while providing internship opportunities to students in Health Professions majors.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to see everyone live happier, healthier, cost-effective, independent, and longer lives by providing education of and experience in holistic health and wellness promotional practices.

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Program Goals

Our goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of everyone in need by educating and guiding them in new lifestyle practices and provide quality internship participation and community experience for students in Heath Professions Majors.

Program Coordination

  • Jennifer Lawson – BS-Integrative Therapies, Certified Integrative Aromatherapist (IAC), Certified Health & Wellness Coach (CHWC)   MotherGaias.com
  • Sarah Schoeder - RN, Wellness Coordinator, Eaton Senior Communities
  • Anesa Parker - Reiki Master & Aesthetician, Anceint Alchemy Wellness Studio
Jennifer Lawson

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Residents will gain multiple benefits by participating, including:

  • Improved understanding of holistic health and how to apply the information in daily life.
  • Improved physical and mental wellness through instruction on healthy practices.
  • Improved self-sufficiency in Daily Activities through increased self-confidence and increased activity.
  • Improved social well-being through participation in group educational and experiential settings.
  • Improved stress management through classes designed to teach stress management techniques.


“The Holistic Health Series filled a huge gap we had in our community’s wellness program. Our residents embrace opportunities to learn and had indicated a desire to gain knowledge of alternative forms of health management. The program is designed to allow the residents to attend weekly sessions with easily understood and pertinent information. The presenter has geared the material towards older adults and enables them to be advocates in their health plan. We have seen a steady attendance and the residents speak highly of Jennifer’s knowledge.  Eaton Senior is grateful for this opportunity and hope to encourage other organizations to embrace this series due to the wide success we have seen. Attendance at our in-house programs has increased due to the education they have received. Our residents voice appreciation of this opportunity to access holistic approaches in a time when patients want to be empowered in their health choices.”
-Sarah Schoeder LPN, Wellness Coordinator, Eaton Senior Community
“I have learned many useful things from these classes, my hair is healthier and more manageable than ever before. The tai chi we practice during each class helps reduce my stiffness and arthritis pain. I have learned to use herbal remedies in place of my allergy medications and have no more allergies and am never drowsy or dizzy from the medications. I love the way Jennifer’s classes are interactive and informative.”  - Bernice T., Retired Marine, Lewis Court Community

“I use the relaxation techniques demonstrated during our classes to help myself fall asleep faster and sleep longer through the night. I used many of the tips I have learned to improve my health without harsh chemicals or medications and for a lot less money. I recommend the wellness practices and remedies to my family all of the time because I know they work.”   - Gloria H., Lewis Court Community

“The material has been useful to help manage my health.”   - Eaton Participant

“I love having such a valuable free class available to me in my community.” - Eaton Participant

“I appreciate the regularity of the class, the instructors are reliable and punctual.” - Eaton Participant

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